Isn’t it easy to feel this way? Like God has just left you out to dry? Like lol hey God, I think you accidentally forgot to reply to my text?? 🙋🏽‍♀️

To be completely honest, I have been going through such an odd season. I have joy, but some days I don’t have genuine peace and happiness in the midst of it all. I’m the encourager, but I can’t even pull myself to the well to get encouraged. It just seems like so much is happening so fast and I have zero/very little time to stop and just breathe.

Sometimes in the midst of life, we can get so caught up in the midst of the day-to-day routines and responsibilities that we don’t make time to do the important act of rest. By rest, I don’t just mean sleep(which I know a lot of us mamas need; Jesus be a fence. Matter of fact, Lord be a PILLOW). Anyway, I’ve realized that I’ve been so entagled in the affairs of the flesh that I haven’t been intentionally taking time to step away and rest. The kind of rest I’m talking about is spiritual rest. Stepping away from all of the responsibilities, bed time routines, working, bills, etc, to just lay at the Father’s feet and rest. When we’re so focused on getting to the goal that we have we often won’t lift our heads and hearts up for a second to look and see what God is doing.

If we slow down, we will see that God is intrinsically working all of the seemingly minuscule details into a masterpiece. A perfectly and skillfully crafted masterpiece. If we get so caught up in the difficulties in between, then we will miss out on what God is doing in our lives right at this moment.

God has not left you on read. He is not looking down at you and scoffing or taunting you. God is not being silent. He is not making you suffer just because. Every single thing in our lives has a purpose.

We have to fix our focus. If we’re focusing on the daunting day-to-day demands, instead of the eternal impact they have, we will continue to be in a state of desparation and bitterness. We have hope in Christ. I know it gets hard, girl. Trust me, I do know. But I also know that we serve a God who does nothin, absolutely nothing in vain. There’s a purpose in this season too. There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

**Disclaimer: I am not saying to ignore your feelings and responsibilities. Nor am I saying to pretend that everything is okay when it is not. That’s not wise. What I am saying is to take things to Christ in prayer, get support and/or help in a healthy manner, and understand that God’s ways are higher. He loves you. “God’s not done with you. Even with your broken heart, wounds, and scars.”

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