Summa, summa, summa-time. Time to sit back and unwind...unless you're a leaky mama with a hungry baby! Summer is the season for cute dresses, flowy jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, and your favorite sandals. But let's be real, who has time to shave or paint their toes with a newborn or toddler? These stylish pieces work for nursing mothers or any mama. Most of these pieces don't require a fresh pedicure or shave. You can just throw them on and go!

1) Wrap Maxi Dress

1. Lulu's 2. ASOS Design 3. Forever 21 4. ASOS Maternity

Currently obsessing over wrap maxi dresses for this summer. You can easily pull these down to nurse, leave the house with those unshaved legs, and look super cute at the same time! These are perfect for those days when you don't have a lot of time to get ready.

2) Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit

1. ASOS Design Curve 2. Target 3. TJ Maxx-Donna Morgan 4. Missguided

Kimono-sleeved anything, really, should be your bff this summer. The loose/plunging neckline allows easy booby access for baby, while giving mommy a sleek look without much effort.

3) Any Milk-Maker Accessible Jumpsuit

1. Nordstrom Rack 2. Forever 21 3. Boohoo 4. ASOS 5. Missguided

V-neck and thin-strapped jumpsuits are perfect for nursing. They allow you to easily nurse on-the-go and are super quick to pop on. Bandeau/strapless jumpsuits work great too if your breasts will be comfortable and supported enough.

4) Nursing Friendly T-Shirt

1. Old Navy 2. Madewell 3. Motherhood Maternity 4. Forever 21

There are t-shirts made specifically for nursing moms. However, a regular v-neck with a cami underneath works the same!

5) Comfortable Stretchy Pants

1. Macy's 2. J. C. Penney 3. Boohoo

These are essential for anyone IMO. They're as comfy as sweats, but more stylish. Any slim leg pants work, but finding one with a little stretch? BOMBBBBBB.

6) Loose & Flowy Wide-Leg Pants

1. Forever21 2. Rainbow 3. Nasty Gal 4. Nordstrom Rack

Stylish, comfortable, and don't require you to shave.....need I say more?

7) Stunna- Shades

1. Zenni 2. Walmart 3. Sunglass Spot 4. Firmoo

Okay so this isn't technically a piece of clothing, but they're essential!! Aside from the obvious reason of blocking the sun, these are great for covering puffy eyes from sleepless nights. Thank me later.

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