“Girl, Get Up”

You were a woman of God before you were a mom, and that woman still matters. It is so easy to lose our identity in motherhood. From diapers, to cleaning, to cooking, to nursing, to pumping, to planning, and worrying. When do we really have time to rediscover ourselves? I thank God for my friend Nia, who sent me this sermon from Sarah Jakes Roberts. I’d actually bought her book about life’s detours when I was pregnant because I knew her story of also being pregnant while young. I got distracted, and maybe a little fearful to read it, as I almost did with this sermon. But once Nia sent it to me after days of me scrolling past it and saving it to my watch later playlist, I knew I couldn’t keep running from the word God had for me. Isn’t it crazy how we’ll sometimes remain stuck in a season because we’re afraid of what God is saying/what He’s gonna do next?

So. I watched the sermon and let me tell you. Boy, oh boy, did God SPEAK. I felt that He’s telling me it’s time to get up. I’ve sulked in this season long enough. And it’s time for me to get up. To lift my head to the heavens, my eyes set on the word, and my thoughts centered on His promises. The 9 months of pregnancy, and the 9 months of motherhood, I honestly have not been seeking God’s face the way I once used to. It’s been very difficult to navigate my identity as a mother and as a woman of God. Some days are better than others, but I often feel guilty for not waking up at 5am to do quiet time with the Lord because I want to sleep a little more before Melody wakes. Mom guilt is real, but Christian mom guilt is even realer. I know that I cannot earn His love by works but I want to make Christ a priority through it all. Children are a gift from the lord, so God surely wouldn’t give a gift that would draw me further from Him.

So that’s where today’s topic lays. Rediscovering your identity as a mom. New, old, seasoned, or cold. Different stages of motherhood bring different things, but one thing never changes: God. He is faithful in EVERY season. In every late night feeding, in every explosive diaper, and in every moment where you feel there’s no hope. Remember who you are and whose you are. You are a child of the one true King.

You were a woman of God before you were a mother, and that woman still matters. Make time today to commune with God and see how He would like that woman to move forward. You have a plan and a purpose. You are not unseen by God.

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